Jun Oikawa

Jun Oikawa


Vo.Houseを軸にFree Style House を提案する彼独自のMix Senceをひっさげ、ageHa,WOMB,asia,Air,Velfare,WEARHOUSE702など都内における様々なClub Eventでプレイ。

2010.02.03、イベントの雰囲気をそのままコンパイルしたmix CD『UP BEAT!~Weekend Story~』をリリースした渋谷の大型House Party『UP BEAT!』@asiaを中心にAll Mix Event『OUT OF TUNE』@AMRAXではレジデントを務め、Simon Dunmore(Defected UK)、KENJI TAKIMI(CRUE-L/LUGER E-GO) 、中田ヤスタカ(capsule)、Sugiurumn、Rocketman、DuckRock ダイノジ等、多種多様なアーティストと共演。

近年、『OJRecords』を立ち上げ、BAR、Cafe、美容室、apparel shopなどのBGMのMIXや、オリジナルの楽曲制作にも力を入れるなどその活動はDJだけにとどまらない。

JUN-BOY begins real DJ activity based on Shibuya in 2003.
It plays with original Mix Sence as the weapon that proposes『Free Style House』centering on Vo.House by various Club Event in Tokyo such as ageHa, WOMB,asia,Air,Velfare,and WEARHOUSE702.
He acted around House Party large-scale『UP BEAT』of Shibuya club asia where mix CD that compiled the atmosphere of 2010.02.03 and the event as it was『UP BEAT ~ Weekend Story ~』was released,and served as the resident in All Mix Event『OUT OF TUNE』@AMRAX,and co-starred with Simon Dunmor(DefectedUK),KENJI TAKIMI(CRUE-L/LUGER E-GO),yasutaka nakata(capsule),Sugiurumn,Rocketman,and DuckRock,etc.
He starts up『OJRecords』in recent years,and is producing MIX of BGM such as BAR,Cafe,hair salons,and apparel shop and original music.


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