1990年単身渡米。New School黎明期のHip-Hopアーティストの影響を受けDJ活動を本格化。

その後、都内clubでのレジデントDJ,ホテル, バー, カフェなどでのインナー・パーティーのゲストDJとして様々な場所で活動。



現在制作会社のディレクター/選曲家としてプロモーション制作に携わる傍ら、渋谷SHIFTYのレギュラーHip-Hopパーティー“KAITEKI”や自身のソロプロジェクト「GLOBAL SOUND」名義でプロデュースするHOUSEパーティー“ROCKIN’ HOUSE”等で活動中。

▶「ROCKIN’ HOUSE」(奇数月第2金曜日 @渋谷SHIFTY)
▶「KAITEKI」(偶数月第3土曜日 @渋谷SHIFTY)
▶「PLAYAZ”B”」(毎月第3金曜日 @渋谷R Lounge)
▶「恵比寿ラテン倶楽部」(不定期 @恵比寿suree)

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Went to the US on his own in 1990.
Influenced by early New School Hip-Hop artists, he made DJing into a career.
Since then, he has acted as guest DJ for private parties mainly in the central Tokyo area at everything from large-scale clubs to hotels, bars, cafes, and more.
Focusing on his own roots in Hip-Hop, he regularly receives praise for his widely varied play style,
based on his eye for track selection and the actual field experience he’s cultivated over the years,
and which includes a wide range of genres spanning everything from Techno to Latin.
Not only limited to clubs, he also produces music for corporate parties, press releases, and more.
Additionally, under the sentiment of “There are no genres in music,
” as a DJ he advocates the “multi-mix” a wide-range style which demarcates the “all-mix” label.
He is also active in many fields such as jingle production, event organization, artist casting, and more.

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